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                                                                “Obviously, it’s POSHY COUTURE”



« What kind of harness would a King’s dog wear? »

This is where everything began with POSHY COUTURE .


Marina Eskenazi, a French creative visionary created POSHY COUTURE  with her dog Ooggy as her muse. After years looking for the harness of her dream, she started drawing to finally create the harness patent which answered all her desire: “Secure, Comfortable, Elegant and Chic.” Parisian from her blood, Haute-Couture has always been a part of her life. After moving to Miami, she realized that the harness patent would be the answer to the growing need from trend-forward pet lovers in Miami and worldwide.


The creative effervescence around her pushed Marina Eskenazi to create luxury accessories not only for dogs but also for Elegant Fashion Addicts . The Muse’s Cross harness was born out of the desire to break the unspoken rules of luxury accessories design, by creating the unique harness for women that can be worn for any occasion.


Glamour, Luxury, Elegance are the main words that define the brand POSHY COUTURE . Exclusively US hand-made design, Marina paid particular attention to create exceptional pieces with unique lines and an interplay of fine materials such as the quality leathers and Swarovski jewels.


In 2019, POSHY COUTURE  is the first unique brand in the World that took a big step in a classy glamorous spirit of the luxury accessories market in bringing the first fashion conception of women harness to break the rules!


“We are driven to create exceptional pieces with unique lines and an interplay of fine material, all done with love and the goal of completing a perfect fashion luxury lifestyle” Marina E.




Miami, FL USA


 By Rania Chafi  Contributor